Another look back at a rather horrific event in the history of our planet. This post first ran in 2020.

Day 21,453 (give or take) of the coronavirus pandemic: barely a few weeks ago I mentioned to Jacqueline that the Covid-19 death count stood at 997 here in San Diego County, that it would top a thousand in the next day or so. As of this writing it is likely we will surpass 1,300 deaths this week. Hospital ICUs are overburdened, while so many people in Southern California refuse to wear masks or social distance. An idiot judge ruled that restaurants and strip clubs (!!) can remain open. (Pole dancing must be an essential service…NOT!) The state is fighting that foolish decision.

To paraphrase an iconic Samuel L. Jackson line from Snakes on a Plane: “Enough is enough! I have had it with this motherfucking virus on this motherfucking planet!”

Jacqueline and I, as usual, are doing fine. We’re still doing what we’ve been doing since last March: staying put and staying safe. There is hope of some light at the end of the tunnel with vaccine doses being distributed around the country, but for now we are still inside that tunnel. Even as seniors with underlying health issues we probably won’t receive our shots till at least February or March, so homebound we will stay.

In any case we’ve both made plenty of lemonade out of this 2020 lemon. My lemonade came in the form of the first novel that I’ve written in years: Back on the Bike Path: A Jack Miller Senior Moment. It is the fourth book in the comedy/science fiction series that began with Bicycling Through Space and Time in the ’90s. To say I had fun writing it would be an understatement.

Stay safe, be well, and enjoy the holiday season. I’m certain none of us will miss 2020.

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