Truth is Often More Compelling than Fiction

I’d never planned on writing a historical novel, even though I enjoyed reading James Michener and others in that genre. So how did Stone Woman happen? Over three decades ago I wrote a horror novel called The Well (now titled, The Modoc Well), which Bantam Books ultimately published. Needing some background material on the Modoc people, who originally occupied the northern California-southern Oregon border country, I did extensive research—and the true story of this small tribe blew me away. Telling their remarkable, heartbreaking story became a goal of mine, a true labor of love that has extended all the way till now.

Seeing it unfold through the eyes and heart of Winema Riddle was an easy choice. This Modoc woman is one of the most amazing people in history—and I don’t mean just Native American history. She deserves far more recognition than she has ever received. I hope that telling the story of Winema and her people through fiction will achieve that goal.

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“A treat for lovers of historical fiction. This is a real adventure story, rooted in the past. I came away from reading this book having developed a connection with the Modoc people. Highly recommended.”

“Haven’t quite finished yet. Really savoring every chapter. Dare I say it…shades of Michener!”

“Hard to put down, impossible to forget … heartbreaking and worthwhile. Highly recommend. “

Stone Woman is an enthralling novel with fast-moving action, romance, and historical detail. Winema is the wilderness—its strength, its savagery, and its untamed power. She is as beautiful and tender as her name translates: Woman of the Brave Heart.”

Anna Lee Waldo,
bestselling author of Sacajawea


Stone Woman: Winema and the Modocs

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