Sword & Planet

Paying Homage to my Muse

Most of my early works were strongly influenced by the stories of Edgar Rice Burroughs, my favorite writer. I especially loved his Sword & Planet novels—John Carter of Mars, Carson of Venus, the Moon books, and others. My first two published novels back in the late ’70s, The Prisoner of Reglathium and The Conquerors of Reglathium, were written in the style of my muse.

I originally wrote these stories as one book, but split them in deference to the publisher’s word count limit. In all honesty, the results never did please me. But now, given a second chance, I put the two books back together, rewrote, re-edited, and updated the story extensively, and renamed it Warlord of Maldrinium (World After Death: Book One). I’m pleased with the results, and I hope you will be too. The second book in the series, Caves of Maldrinium, the third book, Dark Seas of Maldrinium,  and the fourth book, Slaves of Maldrinium, are also available.

Select a novel to learn more, including an overview, sample chapter or scene, reviews, and a link to purchase either print or ebook.  


Warlord of Maldrinium
Dark Seas of Maldrinium
The Wizard from Harrmel
Caves of Maldrinium
Slaves of Maldrinium
The Wizard from Harrmel

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