Get this troll some chocolate!

My bride and I visited Iceland during the summer many years ago. At that time of year there are more than twenty hours of sunshine each day. In December, not so much. Hardly any, in fact. Still, they have a Christmas tradition that rocks!

On Christmas Eve many Icelanders exchange books. After that they spend the night reading their new-found treasures…and eating chocolate! Yes, all night! Wow, that sounds like my kind of tradition. How about you?

What about making it a Chanukah tradition? Then you can exchange books and eat chocolate for eight straight nights! Sounds like a plan.

Gryla, the Christmas Witch.

Iceland has other holiday traditions, including the Christmas Witch and the Yule Lads. I wrote about them in my post, “Myths And Legends: Icelandic Trolls.” Check it out.

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