Old Heroes And Villains Return To Do Battle Again!

Award-winning author Mike Sirota published many Horror, Sword & Sorcery, Sword & Planet, and Adventure Fantasy novels through the 1980s and ’90s. These stories have long been out of print. But Mike is now bringing his stories back to life in newly revised, rewritten editions, both eBook and paper, under his own imprint, Atoris Press. Prince Dulok of Shadzea, Tyron the Kalkh, Ro-lan of Boranga, and others confront monsters, magic, and evil in ancient lands and upon distant worlds. Closer to home, bestselling novelist Paul Fleming does battle with demons both real and imagined at a writers’ colony in the High Sierras (Demon Shadows), while Greg Lowell’s return to the California town in which he was born unleashes an unspeakable evil from beneath his ancestral land (The Modoc Well).

New books are also forthcoming. Since his return to writing in 2010, Mike has published two horror/ghost stories, one thriller, and a historical novel. In Fire Dance, set in the bleak Anza-Borrego Desert of Southern California, the malignant spirit of a deranged mass murderer who perished more than a century earlier wreaks havoc upon a quiet retirement community. The Burning Ground, which takes place in the foothills of the Sierras, tells the story of a small village of Maidu Indians, all of whom are murdered during the Gold Rush. When their graves are desecrated over 150 years later, the tormented spirits decide that they’ve had enough. Mike’s thriller, Freedom’s Hand, was honored by the San Diego Book Awards Association as “Best Action/Thriller, 2013”. A white supremacist group, seeking to destroy all minorities, erects a concentration camp on American soil—half a century after the liberation of Auschwitz. Mike’s historical novel, Stone Woman: Winema and the Modocs, was honored by the San Diego Book Awards Association as “Best Historical Novel, 2014.”

Mike’s Updates:

Recently Published!

The Wizard From Harrmel, a Sword & Planet spoof, is now available in a Kindle edition and in paperback.

Coming soon: THE DARK CORNER, a never-before-published YA fantasy. Teen siblings Vall and Corrie, along with some unlikely allies, journey across the ravaged continent of Edgeland on a deadly quest. Can they save their world from the ultimate Evil?

Newest Release!

A SWORD & PLANET SPOOF! Bernie Smith had no idea what to expect when he found himself zapped out of Huey Fleener’s cornfield in Tasselville, Iowa and deposited on the distant and deadly planet of Persus. Join him on his weird and wild adventures: he is fattened up to serve as an offering to the monster-gods of Kotaxx; he squares off against the hairy, horrible Dhufoids; he battles the Godawful Thing in the Labyrinth. And ultimately, in order to save Thanna Dora, the most incredible woman on two worlds, Bernie must summon enough courage to face Heevit Upp, nastiest of the nasty—THE WIZARD FROM HARRMEL.

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