The Genre that Started it All

As a kid I read just about every age-appropriate book that I could borrow from the New York Public Library, West Farms Branch, in The Bronx. But not until I discovered Edgar Rice Burroughs did I have any aspirations of one day becoming a writer. The Adventure Fantasy and Sword & Planet novels of ERB, which included Tarzan and John Carter of Mars, unleashed my imagination in ways that I did not think possible. ERB became my muse, and his influence on my early works is more than obvious.

My first published novels comprised the five-book Dannus series in the Sword & Planet genre. I published the initial two books as one story, titled Warlord of Maldrinium, as well as Caves of Maldrinium, Dark Seas of Maldrinium, and Slaves of Maldrinium. The first book that I actually wrote, The Master of Boranga, an Adventure Fantasy story, became my eighth published novel and led to three sequels in the Ro-lan series. I have since revised and updated all of them.

One side note: the main thread of the series is the ongoing conflict between Roland Summers (Ro-lan) and Ras-ek Varano, the evil Master. The fourth book, published three decades ago, did not end the series, as I had hoped to do more of them. Over the years my legion of fans ☺ asked me when a new Ro-lan adventure would be forthcoming so they could find out what happened. Guess what: I wanted to know what happened too. So I wrote an entirely new ending to Book Four, The Beasts of Zammar, which resolves the conflict once and for all.

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The Master of Boranga
The Sorcerer of Mesharra
The Dark Corner



The Shrouded Walls of Kharith
The Beasts of Zammar

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