The Modoc Well

The Modoc Well
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 The plan called for a short vacation in quiet Bonner, California, the Fire Valley town where Greg Lowell had spent the first few months of his life. Greg didn’t know why he was drawn to take his family there—and why he quickly felt they must stay. Something called out to the blood of his Padgett ancestors, the first settlers of the area. What is the curse on this unholy land? What ancient horror awaits rebirth below? (Originally published by Bantam Books as, The Well.)

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“Mike Sirota believes that writers should educate as well as entertain. By blending fact with fiction and merging the past with the present, The Modoc Well does both in an exceptional manner. The fast-paced, compelling story takes place in a unique setting, ancient tribal lands once inhabited by the Modoc Indians. The Modoc myth provides the historical element of this tension-filled novel. But it is Sirota’s superb ability to tell a story that provides the entertainment. Highly recommended.”

“I first read this many years ago, when it was called The Well. Looks like Sirota polished it up, and he succeeded in making a good thing even better. A man named Greg Lowell takes his family up to northern California to an old ranch once owned by his ancestors. Seems that in the past a lot of people in and around the ranch met with horrible deaths. It’s been quiet up there for many years, but now that Greg has come, the horror in the well is reawakened, putting everyone, his family included, in grave danger. Part One of the book, where Sirota takes readers back to the 1850s, is especially creepy. I highly recommend The Modoc Well.


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