The Wizard from Harrmel

The Wizard From Harrmel
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A SWORD & PLANET SPOOF! Bernie Smith had no idea what to expect when he found himself zapped out of Huey Fleener’s cornfield in Tasselville, Iowa and deposited on the distant and deadly planet of Persus. Join him on his weird and wild adventures: he is fattened up to serve as an offering to the monster-gods of Kotaxx; he squares off against the hairy, horrible Dhufoids; he battles the Godawful Thing in the Labyrinth. And ultimately, in order to save Thanna Dora, the most incredible woman on two worlds, Bernie must summon enough courage to face Heevit Upp, nastiest of the nasty—THE WIZARD FROM HARRMEL.

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“Like adventure? Like exotic worlds? Like humor? Like a great read that cries for a sequel? The Wizard From Harrmel is all of these and much more. It’s worth reading the book just to appreciate the names of the characters. Great plot with just the right touches of romance and swashbucklingness. If you liked The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you’ll love this one too.”

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