Freedom's Hand

Freedom's Hand
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As a teenager, Nathan Adler barely survived the horrors of the Auschwitz death camp at the hands of the Nazis. Fifty years later he could not have imagined that he would live the nightmare again. This time, however, the concentration camp is not in Poland. Erected by Freedom’s Hand, it exists as a citadel of suffering and death in the desert of the American Southwest.

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“I read Freedom’s Hand from start to finish, without putting it down, because I had to know what happened to the Lowe family and to the Commander. I won’t give that away, but I do have to say that I’m still contemplating the deeper truths running through this thought-provoking story. I highly recommend this engrossing book, which will stay with you even after you finally do put it down. What if the evil ideology of the Holocaust were able to repeat itself? Mike Sirota paints a picture of how the brutality of a modern day concentration camp in America would be. At times I found parts of the book difficult to read. At the same time it was just as difficult to put down. I highly recommend this book.”

The premise of this first class thriller initially seemed a bit improbable, but it quickly sucked me in. A master of technique, Sirota dazzles with his ability to effortlessly juggle points of view and flashbacks for devastating dramatic effect. The book is as much of a technical feat as it is a gripping, unflinching tale of brutality. And just when you think that the violent action is too over-the-top to be believable, you realize that this stuff actually happened in another time and place. This book makes you think about historical horrors in a new light, and perhaps to wonder why it took Sirota’s story to make us fully appreciate the genocidal evils of seventy years ago.”

 “I cannot easily say that I enjoyed Freedom’s Hand. It is a worthy book and in many ways a necessary one. This is a horror novel, but not in the same vein as Sirota’s other fine entries in that genre. In some ways horror can be a fun genre, not to be taken seriously, and the best of it grants a safe allegory to social realities. I’m thinking zombies in a mall.

Freedom’s Hand is not a safe allegory. It is a terrifyingly real vision of a not-so-distant potential. Many may choose to believe that the Nazi regime’s Final Solution mentality is a thing of the past, something that was an aberration in the history of mankind. Sirota dares us to face the fact that such brutality lies just below the surface of some of our fellow members of the human race. A devastating concept, but a fair warning. Mike Sirota grants us a difficult fictional experience and in so doing raises our awareness of the frightening nature of extremism.

“Have no doubt, this is an excellent book, fast paced and intense. Be warned, you will be affected and shaken. Could this happen? It has already and more often than we might be comfortable believing. Can it happen again?”

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