The Master of Boranga

The Master of Boranga
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Swept into a nightmarish, other-dimensional world, young American Roland Summers is cast upon the shores of Boranga, a land held in the grip of terror by a creature of unimaginable power.  

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“Roland Summers sets sail on a routine jaunt to a tiny island off Hawaii, but ends up a lot farther from home than one tank of gas could ever carry him. Rescued from shipwreck by oddly familiar strangers, Roland is immediately swept into the mysteries behind their seemingly simple lives. Soon he, too, is in danger from the sinister Master, despite not knowing who, or what, that is. He must risk learning the truth of the mystery, or surely lose those he has come to love. In the process, Roland will face terrible fear from both within his own mind, as well as the horrors placed before him by the powerful, and clearly insane, force that holds all of Boranga in its sway. The Master of Boranga is a gripping adventure story, with a twist of horror, that keeps you cheering for Roland as he bravely challenges evil itself to save his friends in a world most would not believe exists so close to our own.”


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