Demon Shadows

Demon Shadows
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 Bestselling author Paul Fleming has writer’s block. The past few months have been hell. Four weeks at the prestigious Thorburn Colony, a writers’ and artists’ retreat in the high Sierras, seems to be the perfect cure. Until an ancient horror returns to collect on an old debt—and to make Paul realize that he had no idea what hell really is. (Originally published by Bantam Books.)

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“Mr. Sirota has contributed a classic to the supernatural/horror genre with his novel, Demon Shadows. Sirota begins the book with a pitch perfect story of a group of pioneers trapped and starving during a harsh winter. A strange and terrible scene is played out through the eyes of the Native American man sent by his tribe to offer assistance, as he watches the settlers one night from the surrounding forest. This mysterious event will play throughout the book, with frightening reverberations to the present day. Demon Shadows is a satisfying and beautifully written horror novel, along the lines of Richard Matheson and Shirley Jackson. This is the kind of book I will pick up and re-read every year or so.”

 “This was always one of my favorite books, and I’m so glad Sirota has put it out in this new edition. Paul Fleming is a bestselling author who can’t get his act together after a nasty divorce. He heads up to a writers’ and artists’ colony in the high Sierras and finds more than he bargained for with the descendants of the ill-fated Thorburn Party, a fictional Donner Party. The opening chapter in the 1840s, which sets the stage for the story, is awesome, and Sirota lets out just enough to keep readers dangling till the end. Great settings in the snowbound Sierras, and characters you want to root for—or hate—make Demon Shadows a super read.”


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