Would you stop to pick her up?

Learning about some of these spooky truck roads almost makes you not want to get behind the wheel. But drive we must, so here are a couple more that you might want to think twice about navigating.


Stephen King gave us plenty of (fictional) creepy burgs in his home state of Maine. But the tiny town of Haynesville (population 97 a couple of years ago) in Aroostook County contains a road that has freaked out many a driver passing through. A well-used truck road, Route 2A is notable for the many tombstones that are visible along it. This is a road you don’t want to drive on at night, or in winter, given its blind corners and sharp curves. But that’s not the whole picture.

Lots of drivers swear that they witnessed a young girl standing by herself along the edge of the road. A hitchhiker? But she’s not sticking out her thumb. And how did she get there, a long way from anything approximating civilization?

Some truckers claim that a woman is heard screaming as they approach, apparently in need of help. How many near-accidents has that caused? Yet as they regain control of their vehicles and slow down, they are stunned to see that the woman has…vanished!


My home state of California has its share of ghostly byways. Prominent among them is Highway 299 up north, which crosses the state from east to west. One stretch, about five miles in length, runs between Old Shasta and Whiskeytown Lake, the latter a Gold Rush era town before being flooded. Shasta State Park on Highway 299, close to the city of Redding, contains the ruins of Old Shasta, and the park has often been referred to as California’s Ghost Town. Many people visit the park for its historical significance, but as you would suspect, a great deal of paranormal activity has been reported in and around these creepy ruins. Check out the park’s website.

California’s Ghost Town.

America is home to many eerie highways and byways. Check out my post, “Myths And Legends: Haunted Truck Roads,” and my post about one of the most disturbing roads ever, “Seven Sisters Road.”

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