Having written over two dozen novels, I can honestly say that I never had more fun than when I created my comedy/sci-fi stories, Bicycling Through Space and Time and its two sequels, in the ’90s. I initially wrote the first book for the sole purpose of entertaining myself with no thought of seeing it published, much less by a major house. But that’s what happened.

The books have been out of print for a long time now. But in recent years I’ve been reissuing my entire backlist under the Atoris Press imprint, and now I’m down to three. Not sure why I saved this series for last, but I have to say, I’m having a lot of fun again revisiting Jack Miller’s weird adventures along the Ultimate Bike Path.

Bicycling Through Space and Time, subtitled “A Retro Ride: Book One,” will be available in the next week or so. Its sequels, The Ultimate Bike Path and The 22nd Gear, will follow in May and July. For now, here is the cover reveal for book one.

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