The Anasazi Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde National Park.

I just got back from a cool trip to the Four Corners area, mostly in Colorado. I’ll have plenty to say about it in next week’s post.

For now, I want to sadly acknowledge the passing of actor Harry Dean Stanton last week at the age of ninety-one. (I’ll take that!) Among his two hundred film and television credits are roles in Cool Hand Luke, The Green Mile, Red Dawn (the original), and Paris, Texas. He also played “Brain” in one of my favorite dumb movies, Escape from New York.

Harry Dean Stanton, as Brett, found more than he was looking for on the Nostromo.

But for me, and many others, Stanton will always be remembered for his role as Brett (“Right”) in the classic 1979 sci-fi/horror film, Alien. (See my post, “Throwback Thursday: Alien, Aliens—And Even More Aliens: Part One.”) How can anyone forget his long, tension-filled walk through the corridors of the spaceship Nostromo in search of Jonesy the cat, as well as the little creature that had burst out of John Hurt’s chest? He wound up finding both…only the alien wasn’t so little anymore, and he became rather grossly impaled. (We also lost John Hurt earlier this year.)

RIP, Harry Dean Stanton. You lived a long life and had a great career.

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