This sticker acknowledging the vaccination is just as important as the last one I wore, which said, “I Voted!”

Year Two of the coronavirus pandemic: yeah, this time I’m not exaggerating. The first case of Covid-19 showed up in the U.S. a year ago, and here we are, still dealing with it. We can thank a non-response by an incompetent administration for a disease that, sometime this month, will have killed half a million Americans. All this while countries such as Australia, New Zealand, and others pretty much have gotten it under control.

At least the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been rolled out, with others on the horizon. It’s going slowly around the country, but at least it’s going, and the new, competent administration has made getting the pandemic under control a priority. The scary part has to do with the new variants; we’ll just have to see what happens.

The Covid Super Station at Petco Park was busy! (We were in #7.)

Jacqueline and I are still doing fine in the quarantine cave. She had her first shot last month (thank you, Scripps Health) and is scheduled for the second one in about a week. I had my first shot a few days ago (thank you, UCSD Health) at the Covid Super Station in Petco Park’s tailgate lot (would’ve rather been going down there for a Padres game), with the second one coming near the end of February. Yeah, great…but we’ll still be hanging out in the cave most of the time and wearing our masks when we go out. In the immortal words of the great Yogi Berra: “It ain’t over till it’s over.”

Here’s wishing all of you the best of health in 2021.

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