Day Whatever of the coronavirus pandemic: I stopped counting at around 25,000 days. Feels like it anyway. Am I right?

Hangin’ out inside the cave with a few friends.

In my 7.0 post four weeks ago, I mentioned that San Diego County was approaching 1,300 deaths from Covid-19. At this writing the number has grown to 2,100. That’s 800 more deaths! In four weeks! Post-holiday numbers were predictable…but sad.

Jacqueline and I—still doing fine—live in a 55+ community of between two and three thousand people. Most everyone here is in the highest-risk age group for the virus. But the number of Covidiots walking around without masks has prompted the HOA to send out nasty-gram emails to try and get them to comply. Come on, folks!

A few days ago, my bride and I partook of our weekly drive along the Carlsbad coast on a summer-like day. Lots of people strolling along old Highway 101…more than half of them mask-less! I just don’t get it.

The good news: all seniors 65+ are now in queue to be vaccinated. The bad news: supply does not even come close to demand. Hopefully, with an incoming administration that actually cares about its citizens, things will speed up. Fingers crossed.

We will continue to stay safe for the duration. Here’s hoping the same for you.


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