Our wedding day, 1997.

Two days ago (November 26th) marked the 32nd anniversary of the day Jacqueline and I met. Tomorrow (November 29th) marks our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. It has been an awesome ride, though I have to keep asking myself the question: Where in heck has the time gone?

My bride and I are soul mates. The way we came together can only be described in one word: magical. Short version: I wrote her into one of my novels and met her soon after. The full version might seem like improbable romance fiction. It’s not. Check out this amazing story at “When Art Creates Life.”

Happy Anniversary, my love! Let’s do 32 more—millennia, that is. Love you to the outer reaches of the galaxy and back!

Yeah, we’ve been through it all.

In front of Denali, aka Mt. McKinley, Alaska.

Riding the Campo train on my 70th (jeez!) birthday.

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