The Horrors of Harrmel

The Wizard From Harrmel
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BERNIE SMITH IS BACK! In this sequel to the Sword & Planet spoof, The Wizard from Harrmel, Bernie and his “amazing hill beauty,” Thanna Dora, learn that her long-lost father, Skreen Dor, may still be alive somewhere in the dark, dreaded land of Harrmel. Join them for more weird and wild adventures as they trek across this nightmarish land, where they’ll encounter mole-guys, bat creatures, walking dead folks in a suicide forest, spastic specters in a spooky swamp, cannibals, big-ass bugs, dog-things, and more—before it starts getting hairy. To save Thanna Dora’s dad they will ultimately have to face the evil wizards known as—the Uppidi. That’s when they’ll really experience…THE HORRORS OF HARRMEL!

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