The Quest of Tyron (Book Two)

The Quest of Tyron (Book Two)
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 Tyron embarks on a desperate quest to seek the help of Cuhthic, a sorcerer who rules the shadowy, distant land of Lamnagha. Accompanied by his loyal friend Dehril and the stunning Lanira, Tyron must battle unspeakable horrors across his deadly world. And the price for Cuhthic’s aid? The severed heads of the Three, the dreaded dark magicians of Vorhashekkh.

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“Those who have not yet shared Tyron’s journey to Berbora will want to catch up to him in The Sword of Tyron, and then join him in The Quest of Tyron on his search for a demented sorcerer whose demand for payment may cost Tyron everything he holds dear.”


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