The Shrouded Walls of Kharith

The Shrouded Walls of Kharith
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Roland Summers returns to the deadly other-dimensional world of Konis, which holds the island of Boranga, in a dangerous quest to find his beloved Larra, and his best friend, Denny McVey.

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“Don’t knock on the gates of Kharith! The Shrouded Walls of Kharith is the second book in the highly entertaining Ro-lan series. I really enjoyed the first book and greatly anticipated the release of the rest of the story. Just when I thought the adventure couldn’t get any weirder, it does. Roland Summers doesn’t reach the gates of Kharith, a walled city high atop a mountain on Boranga, until about halfway through—although getting there is a great deal of fun. Once inside the walls…wow, this is one bizarre place! Mike, keep them coming!”


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