The Ultimate Bike Path

The Master of Boranga
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TAKE A RIDE THROUGH THE COSMOS ON A MOUNTAIN BIKE! Jack Miller is back for a second go-around! The alien-implanted 22nd gear on his 21-speed Nishiki is set to take him to some more weird and wild encounters. On his journey Jack will meet the Gill Man from the Black Lagoon; the Swamp Thing; Im-Ho-Tep, the Mummy; Freddy Krueger; the fog-enshrouded crew of the Elizabeth Dane, as well as Dr. Frankenstein and his latest creation, the Creature with the Asshole Brain. And all of that during just one of his detours along THE ULTIMATE BIKE PATH!

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“Very Douglas Adams-esque in its humor, and so much fun to read! This was a great sequel to Bicycling Through Space and Time.”










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