Bicycling Through Space and Time

The Master of Boranga
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TAKE A WILD RIDE ALONG THE ULTIMATE BIKE PATH! It’s a long way from Southern California to a cosmic theme park in the outer reaches of the galaxy. Piece of cake for Jack Miller, whose 21-speed mountain bike has a 22nd gear, embedded there by an alien Study Group, which gives him access to the Universe’s greatest bicycling artery, the mhuva lun gallee. Along the way Jack will find numerous “gates” that will lead him to: an encounter with a kid named Adolf Hitler; a descent to the Fourth World of the Navajo; a visit with his favorite deceased singer in the Rock-and-Roll Afterward; and so much more. The outrageous Bicycling Through Space and Time is the first of a series.

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“Anyone who likes cycling, sci-fi, fantasy, or just twisted pun-related humor will love these books. Mr. Sirota demonstrates knowledge in a great variety of fields as well as an imaginative approach to some old plot ideas. The only problem is that I occasionally have to repair my shifter from trying to get it to go into 22nd gear.”

“I’m a long-distance trail rider and was just about to give up on finding fiction that isn’t race- and mountain-bike based, when I found Mr. Sirota. Finally, a story to think about on the trail! And such a wonderful one, too! Whether you bike or not, this book (and its sequels) make for a great quickly-paced read, and it never gets boring.”

“Awesome book with great stories and fun sense of humor. Very Douglas Adams-esque, and so much fun to read!”

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